Saturday, 1 June 2013

Afternoon Tea with Bea's at Dennis Sever's House

Today a friend and I went to Dennis Sever's House, which you will find at 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields, London. 

I saw this special collaboration presented by Bea's of Bloomsbury on their website. And as you'll most probably have realised I'm a tea & cake fan and afternoon tea is just a perfect way to really enjoy both, and in a completely different location, it appealed even more to me.

There's not a lot of information about Dennis Sever (or his house) online and there's a real air of mystery. Tours are usually conducted in complete silence so when you step inside the air of mystery remains! Although today we were allowed to talk (thank goodness, can you imagine afternoon tea with no talking)!?

It feels like you are walking into a museum or a film set. Dennis Sever was an artist who believed in stepping inside the photo frame. He created 'still life drama'. If I'm quite honest it felt very surreal, and I'm not sure I quite got it. Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures as no photography is allowed!

The afternoon tea was lovely, and very plentiful! We had a whole host of sweet treats as well as some mini baguettes. Along with a whole host of teas to choose from..

Having been to Bea's at both Theobald road, and also on the King's Road, before it shut. I knew the quality of the afternoon tea would be great. There was a huge range of teas to choose from and here's what the array of treats looked like.

I'll have to apologise for the quality of the photos here, the house is very dark, and only lit by candle light so I had to rely on this to get a half decent picture. 

I particularly enjoyed the macaroons we were given - raspberry and chocolate and also lemon, they were just bursting with flavour. The scones were also delicious. Unfortunately I couldn't manage the cupcake, and we had to turn down the offer of triple chocolate cake which was brought along as an addition. Unfortunately it was just too much. I brought home the cupcake. We also had brownies, blondies and brownies to try - we were completely spoilt for choice!! 

It was a really interesting afternoon and exploring this very eccentric house was an experience in itself. Afternoon tea hosted by Bea's lovely staff was great. I think the girls did a great job, especially working in a candlelit environment and were very attentive. 

You can also check out my review of a regular visit to Bea's of Bloomsbury from May 2012 here.


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