Monday, 29 April 2013

The London Coffee Festival

Today we went to THE LONDON COFFEE FESTIVAL, which I found out about via Twitter. I am finding myself enjoying coffee a lot more at the moment. And one thing that has helped this is the decent coffee you can get your hands on these days. Some of my local favourites are Artisan in Putney, and a recent discovery Birdhouse on St Johns Hill Clapham. I really enjoy supporting local independent businesses, although I'm not sure if this a conscious effort of mine or just a quest to find a really decent coffee.
Sorry I'm rambling... back to The Coffee Festival. This event was hosted at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. Seemingly tickets were sold out, and the queues proved it was ever so popular. But then who would turn down free samples of coffee. The tickets cost £9.50 online and more on the door. I was really impressed to hear 50% of the ticket price goes to Project Waterfall, (which provides clean drinking water to coffee producing countries). What a great cause!

You could indeed sample lots of coffee, one of my favourites was that made with Alpro soya milk which seemed to produce ever such a creamy coffee. There was also plenty of tea stalls, chocolate samples to try, and many a coffee machine to admire. Or purchase if you have a kitchen the size of a coffee shop. 

It wasn't just stalls of coffee roasters, there was plenty more to do with live music, Barista demonstrations and an artisan food stall. 

There was also a lovely Costa stall giving out free popcorn and coffees and a photobooth. I even managed to win a £5 gift voucher! : ) Below are some highlights of the day.

The Clipper Tea display..

Beautiful Allpress Coffee

A colour splash photo - coffee cocktails.

Definitely a worthwhile visit, whether your a dedicated coffee lover or not. I'm really impressed at how well the Festival was organised, and even more impressed that half of the price of the tickets goes to charity. So I'm guessing there are a lot of generous contributors considering the amount of free coffee floating around. 

Now did you know...
If only.. Have a happy Monday x

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