Monday, 1 April 2013

The Cupcake Bakehouse - March 2013

 Here my wanderings led a friend and I to The Cupcake Bakehouse, nestled in Covent Garden. I've read about this cupcake emporium online, most probably via Twitter I may add, but never actually stumbled upon before.

There was plenty of choice even though my friend and I visited after 5pm. There is a range of 'regular cupcakes' (£2.50) and 'couture cupcakes'. (£2.75). We opted for the Black Forest Gateaux cupcakes, which were amazing. Finished off with a beautiful cherry on the top, I do love cherries - I don't think we celebrate them enough in Britain. The cupcakes are very reasonably priced for the size I think. The chocolate sponge contains cherries which makes for a lovely moist cupcake. With heaps of lovely icing (almost a little much for me), but compliments the cupcake perfectly.

I also bought home a Chocolate Ganache cupcake and a Lemon Curd one.

The Cupcake Bakehouse is situated at the corner of the Piazza, its owned by Lorraine Pascale, of television fame. The cupcake shop itself has very limited seating, and was quite busy considering the time of day. So sitting in wasn't really an option.

Overall the cupcake experience was lovely!
However I still remain miffed as to why these lovely cupcake places have such little space for you to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy them! It's a shame, but nevermind.

*Updated August 2014*
I've heard that Cupcake Bakehouse is shutting it's doors for the final time on Sunday 31st August - what sad news! I wish them the best of luck in the future x

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