Saturday, 20 April 2013

Flavourtown Bakery

What a beautiful day for exploring the East End of London, and that's exactly what a friend and I spent our afternoon doing. Starting at Old Street and heading towards Brick Lane, Shoreditch and ending up at Spitalfields Market.

Flavourtown Bakery is the name of the stall you are looking for.
 This is where we found some friendly guys chatting about their cupcakes.. I was blown away by the choice and so we were given the full low down on all the cupcakes on offer today. I was probably more confused as to what to choose.

I went for the 'Badass Brownie'.

 (A Valrhona chocolate fudge brownie cupcake swirled with our secret recipe cheesecake and frosted with a marbled cream-cheese frosting), as described on the website. 

WOW! This is just so different, the cheesecake filling in a cupcake adds such texture, whislt the frosting is not overly rich so it all complements the brownie base.

And 'The Little Tart'! 

(A dark choc cupcake with a fresh raspberry ganache hidden in the middle and tipped with Belgian chocolate truffle frosting).

The chocolate sponge is lovely and delicate - while all that chocolate on top is probably slightly too much for me, the flavour in the ganache is perfect. I love chocolate and raspberries.

** Warning: These are not your average cupcakes..!! **

But only in the best possible way. Flavourtown Bakery is bringing a new meaning to cupcakes. Gourmet cupcakes that should be. The hidden fillings, brownie bases and 'experimental' flavours mean these cupcakes are really really worth a try!! You can easily transport these cupcakes home, as you are given a little container for each. Perfect, as I brought both home to share!

You can also get miniature versions which don't contain the hidden fillings, they're just not big enough! But ever so cute.

You'll find the Flavourtown bakery stall at Spitalfields Market on Saturdays. Find out more at

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