Saturday, 27 April 2013

Breakfast at Harrison's Balham

I've only recently heard about Harrison's in Balham, this is probably because they've just refurbished the restaurant, so it has once again been up for review & in the news.. or talked about on twitter i should say. Harrison's is co-owned by Rick Stein and Sam Harrison and is situated at 15-19 Bedford Hill, SW12 9EX.

When you walk I'm you are faced with a large spacious restaurant with the bar slightly to your right, there are huge bouquets on the bar, which I think adds a cute first impression. We had a table booked for breakfast at 9.30 but you probably needn't worry about booking. There was just a family sitting in the same area as us. It appear to be very family friendly - there were crayons on the table & a dedicated children's menu too.(As a nanny, I think I tend to notice these things)!

Anyway moving onto the food & service.. We browsed the menu with a glass of water and a coffee - we were quickly offered drinks. 

This was the 'sneak peak' Instagramed pic. 

I ordered the Deluxe Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs.

Topped with Salmon eggs (eeek)! This dish comes in at £8 which I thought was very good value for the lovely salmon. The fish eggs were perhaps a little too much for me, I'm veggie, and not a huge fish eater, but I really enjoyed this dish. 

Meanwhile, the boy went for the Harrison’s Full Monty.
You can choose how you'd like your eggs..

And these sausages were the best he's ever tasted. The Full Monty came in at £10.50. We both thought the portion size was quite small, you'd usually get a little more for this price. Perhaps some hash browns or something along those lines.

Harrison's is a lovely place, they use great quality meat & fish which really shows in the taste of the dishes. I feel they could emphasise the co-ownership between Rick Stein & Sam Harrison. The service was very good, and the staff were very friendly. My only slight criticism was that they didn't bring the butter out with the food, and it was rock hard when they did. 

Overall I'd definitely recommend, and I'd like to return for cocktails and/or a meal. Have you been? What did you think? 

Where is your favourite local spot for brunch?

More Than Just a Cupcake Lover. X

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