Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hummingbird Bakery - January 5th

My love of cupcakes started off at Hummingbird. And as of yet I haven't blogged about it - how has that happened? 

It was fast approaching 3 o' clock and I was suffering that mid afternoon craving for something sweet.. According to my lovely book 'Great Cake Places London' is where afternoon tea originated.  Sometimes only a cupcake will suffice. 

We visited the South Kensington branch, arriving at about 2.30, which maybe a little early for afternoon tea. But the right time to arrive in order to get served quickly! 

The shop had no queue (I've never seen this before) and just 2 groups of customers already seated. One couple inside and one outside. So this meant firstly we had the choice to 'eat in' and secondly we could choose where I sit. 

For those of you who happen to frequent any on the London Hummingbird bakeries, you will know there is always a shortage of seating. I usually put his down to this chain being so popular that it's almost a tourist attraction. But I guess it's only the 5th January so everyone is still in full swing with their new fitness regimes and healthy eating. 

Saturday's Special is 'Chocolate Malt Cupcake'. 

 The cupcake itself was a nice moist chocolate sponge, the butter icing was the best bit for me. It wasn't too rich (especially for chocolate icing) and there wasn't too much and topped with crumbled malteasers. It was lovely! 

Today I found the experience much more enjoyable, than previously, purely because we could sit in I enjoy our cupcakes. As cute as the packaging is I do enjoy sampling the cake at the bakery itself. 

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