Sunday, 16 December 2012

Vanilla Black

Sorry, it's been a while.. I think the festive season has taken hold of my time and I seem to be rushing from pillar to post. However there will be plenty of blogs coming up soon though. I promise. 

This week it was my Birthday. We chose to visit Vanilla Black which is reportedly one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London. And now I can certainly vouch for that. 

I've been vegetarian for a good 11 years now and I'd say I'm quite used to having a couple of options including pasta risotto or a goats & roasted vegetable concoction. I never have an issue with this but it can become a bit samey!

Vanilla Black is I'm a completely different league - boasting an entirely vegetarian menu. I was completely stuck for choice as all of the dishes sounded amazing.

We started with Amuse-bouche - I've just learnt this literally translates as a mouth pleaser! Followed by miniature loaves and a pot of smoked butter. That emitted smoke when I opened the jar. It was all very exciting.

When there are so many options how do you choose..
Well I opted the Brie Ice Cream as it sounded very interesting!

The boy has Whipped Jacket Potato which was the creamiest potato either of us had ever tasted.

Then for main we had Poached Organic Hen Egg and Ribblesdale Pudding

and a Mushroom Mousse and Rosemary Scones which came with a lemon foam!

This really excited me. The flavours were incredible, I've really not tasted vegetarian food like it before.

Take a look for yourself

Thanks for reading.

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