Monday, 8 October 2012

Raising money for charity. Cake style.

The past few weeks I've been pretty busy organising Macmillan Coffee Mornings, so you may have seen lots of pictures I've posted via Instagram (scooke12) or Twitter @cookesarah if you don't already follow me.

So there hasn't been an awful lot of blogging time free, I've been doing a spot of baking, and although my efforts are very basic fairy cakes. I wanted to keep it simple as I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew! 

I arranged 3 coffee mornings, one during a playgroup I attend with my little charge. (I'm a nanny - hence the long days and lack of time for baking)! One with a small group of nanny friends and children and one outside of work. I was really pleased with how this went and how generous people are. Not only did people bring lovely cakes to the coffee mornings, but also lots of donations so in total another £200 will be sent to Macmillan Cancer Support. 

This all came about from an email that landed in my 'junk' inbox.. I thought actually that sounds great. I could do that! And now I have I'm thinking about what next? I love that sense of helping other people. It doesnt involve lots of training. Everyone (well almost everyone) loves cake and what a worthy cause! 

The 'Coffee Morning Kit' arrived through my letter box a few days after ordering it. It contained a cake stand, bunting, balloons, doilies and a donation box all to help decorate the cake table. It couldn't be easier.  Add some cake(s) a pot of tea and/or coffee & you'll be all set. 
: )



  1. Did the stand come with it? You are so kind and lovely :) I am loving the new layout of the site btw. xx

  2. Yes it did, all part of the fundraising pack! It's cute isn't it? I'd like to buy lots more cake stands and glass cloches, but I just don't do enough baking! Thanks I keep fiddling around with it! Keep reading. X


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