Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eric Lanlard's Cake Boy for Afternoon Tea.

This is probably one of the most exciting of my cake experiences to date. Last Saturday I visited Eric Lanlard's Cake Boy in Wandsworth. For a lovely Champagne Afternoon tea. (I'm a bit late posting this I'm afraid)!

Now if you haven't heard of Cake Boy I'd really recommend a visit. You can pop in for beautiful patisseries and a coffee. Or there's a whole host of cupcakes and excitement. It's located at the bottom of one of the apartment blocks in Battersea Reach, just by the River Thames, a short walk from Wandsworth Town station. This time I wasn't entering a shop just to sample a little cupcake. I was there to experience Afternoon Tea!! Now, this is my first experience of a proper afternoon tea, so all highly exciting!

My lovely friend Lauren had made the suggestion we go. As our booking was quite last minute we went to the 12 o' clock siting, which seemed early for traditional afternoon tea, but actually makes perfect sense. We arrived at 11.50 and had our own sofa area which was reserved from that time. We were greeted by attentive French waiting staff,who immediately offered us tea and coffee.

Then the table was prepared and our drinks arrived. Our afternoon tea presented a two miniature table display of salivating beauty. Take a look...

There was a selection of sandwiches including vegetarian ones for me *thumbs up*. The fillings included humus, roasted vegetable and Brie with sun dried tomato, for carnivores chicken, salmon & dill, and cheese with parma ham. Now this description hasn't done anything for the beauty of the sandwiches. The bread is very freshly baked and ever so tasty. The presentation was perfect and finished off with micro salad leaves.

The sweet table, was nearly over flowing with macaroons, miniature desserts and delicate puddings!! We were offered our champagne a little way through, thank goodness, as we needed to enjoy this to its full potential and not be tipsy before the food had even arrived.

I think the pictures are really here to tell you what everything was like however I can tell you that everything is simply spilling out with heavenly flavour of experimental proportions.

We had a selcection of macaroons, eclairs, mini lemon tarts, mini Crème brûlée, mini ice cream cones, and 4 miniture desserts. Such dainty work, beautifully crafting minitures and desserts bursting with flavour.

The overall experience of the afternoon tea was lovely, the staff explained what each individual item was, and in hindsight I should have written it down, as I can't remember all of the flavours and descriptions she used!
We were checked on once during the procedure, which is more than adequate. I always feel slightly put off when waiting staff constantly come back and asks 'is everything okay' when your trying to enjoy what your eating!

There was only one other couple having afternoon tea at the same time as us, probably down to the early sitting we took, all the others were booked up. So the atmosphere was lovely, we didn't feel rushed and we were left to enjoy our afternoon tea. The one hour slot is long enough, we probably just did too much chatting and not enough eating. However the portions are plentiful, and you really do want to enjoy the experience!We were getting quite full by 12.45 and decided to take home 6 items, (3 each) so that we could really appreciate them and not over do it.
Well there you have it. My first experience of an official afternoon tea. There's definitely a spot in the Tea & Cake London book for a review of Eric Lanlard's Cake Boy. And it comes highly recommended by Lauren and myself.

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  1. Was sooooooooo good, I would go again next week! xx

  2. In fact i'd give anything to have them in my mouth now!

  3. Wow, that looks and sounds wonderful! I'm glad your first official afternoon tea experience was a good one!



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