Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cupcakes in Cambridge

Last weekend I visited Cambridge. Now I have to say theres far more to Cambridge than cupcakes, but my visit coincided with 'The Cambridge Food & Garden Festival'. And so the cupcakes came to find me. Once again they just can't keep away!!

Let me first tell you a little about Cambridge. A beautiful city and one I would definitely recommend you visit. In fact I've almost made it a bit of a challenge to visit some more British cities & towns. 

We were blessed with probably one of the last sunny days of summer. There's plenty to see and do. Punting is a must and a beautiful way to see many of the historic buildings. You should also wander through the little streets almost allowing yourself to get lost.

One of the famous college buildings. 

My summer fruits cupcake via instagram.

Our selection of lovely cupcakes. Made by Mama's Cupcakes and can be found at Farmers Markets in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

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