Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cupcakes Abroad: Project Cupcake

It didn't really occur to me that the cupcake trend that exists in England, (and most probably orginated in the US) would have spread further afield. But during my recent trip to Dubai I came across my home comfort very early on.

Presenting: Project Cupcake

Project Cupcake is set within the Dubai Mall, which I just have to tell you about.. It's the worlds biggest shopping destination, and it sits next to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as the Dubai Fountains, which are of course the world’s largest 'dancing' fountain. Can you see some sort of pattern emerging?!

Dubai is a completely mind blowing place, with all it's biggest, tallest and highest records you really might end up feeling slightly acrophobic. So I guess you may need something to bring you back down to earth.. and what better to do so than a cupcake. 

California Dreaming

Look at the fluffy marshmallow icing on that one, what a delight it was too.. unfortunately it wasn't my choice. Why does he always choose better than me I always ask myself. The sponge was fluffy, and with more than a generous helping of icing, it's a miracle there was an empty plate.

Valentine Red Velvet

This was my choice, I asked the waitress what she recommended and as if by clockwork she said 'Our Red Velvet is our bestseller'. Sounds similar to the cupcake establishments in the UK I think. My cupcake was good, very moist although slightly different to what I'm used to, and there was even too much icing for me.

Anyway it had to be done, whilst exploring the Dubai Mall on our second day, I promised myself I'd be back to sample the Cupcakes that Dubai has to offer. And I definitely wasn't disappointing. Afterall they've got a tallest record to keep up with, perhaps the California Dreaming is going for the worlds tallest cupcake record.

More coming soon x


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