Sunday, 8 July 2012

Buttercup Cakeshop

It's been a while... But here I am again. Today I went to the
Buttercup Cakeshop. Which is located at Westfield, White City (one of four outlets). So this was a perfect mid shopping afternoon treat. You'll find it in between The White Company and Urban Outfitters on the Upper Mall.

Colourful array of cupcakes.

There are many different flavours to choose from at Buttercup. I went for the mango one, which I ate at the 'outlet'. I have a few comments to make here, and they may come across as negative, I don't like to criticise but I do think there are areas in which would help to improve the overall experience!

The issue of seating seems to crop up quite often in the cupcake world. I'm not sure why these places have such few seats!  Here there are 5 seats which overlook the cupcake outlet. 3 of these were taken, with shopping and a pushchair taking up the other 2. I was extra polite and asked if I could sit down, as I really wanted to sit down and relax to enjoy my cupcake. There are, however, plenty more seats around the shopping centre but I didn't fancy eating a cupcake from my lap.

My Mango cupcake.

The cake it's self was lovely. These cupcakes are priced averagely I would say £2.50. Not bad considering all that scrummy icing on top of my mango cupcake. Sometimes I find the icing too sickly, but this was a very subtle topping with a nice mango flavour.

I would however say that it is a 'no frills' cupcake experience. The cakes are served on a napkin, which of course does the job perfectly. I also had a cup of tea, which came in a plastic cup. I have to say I'm a fan of drinking out of china. But nevermind, this has no reflection on the cupcake itself, and may mean the company are doing their bit for the environment!

This links into the extra charge for the box, (50p) in which I took two cupcakes home. I didn't mind paying the extra 50p because otherwise by the time the cupcakes had travelled home they would most probably have been ruined.

 Lovely Lemon cupcake, much deeper cupcake, so less icing but equally as lovely.

Beautiful Red Velvet, lots of lovely icing and topped with a little pink heart. Ps. I didn't eat all 3!!!!



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