Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Primrose Bakery

The Jubilee Weekend, was slightly dangerous, in all the extra time it gave me to eat cupcakes, and drink tea!! My wanderings led to Covent Garden, so I couldn't resist a visit to the Primrose Bakery which I have read about lots recently. You'll find the shop, just down from the London Transport Museum, slightly away from all the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden itself.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough room to sit inside, there were 3 tables which were all occupied. So I decided to buy 'take away' cupcakes. Oh my.. I'm not quite sure that is how Afternoon Tea is meant to be enjoyed, but hey-hoe. It was The Jubilee weekend, so can understand the busy atmosphere!

My Cupcakes made it all the way home from Covent Garden on the Northern Line, all intact and in perfect condition.

Here are the cupcakes I chose... Rose, Earl Grey (at the back) and Vanilla.

Well the cupcakes look delightful, I love the coloured icing and decoration. It was definitely time to tuck in! I have to say I was a little surprised that generally the icing was the only difference (that I could taste) between the Rose and the Vanilla cupcakes. However the Rose flavoured icing was amazing!! Nice to have a new flavour to try. :-)

The Earl Grey cupcake was really different too, the sponge was definitely flavoured too, and was a slightly different colour. It was a real subtle flavour.
I love the cute decorations on these cupcakes, and the icing is really something. The swirl on top is simple, yet very effective!

These cupcakes were (perhaps dangerously), paired with wine
and not the usual tea...!! But it was Sunday evening, and we really were celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, and watching the concert.

The Cupcakes Themselves

As you can see there's a real variation in colour of the cakes themselves. I'll have to look into the recipes and investigate.

A friend of mine has the Primrose Bakery Recipe Book, so I may just have to borrow it and give them a try myself. Watch this space!


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  1. they look so lovely :) me and gareth are going to visit it in a couple of weeks whilst staying in the travel lodge there x


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