Sunday, 17 June 2012

Peggy Porschen Part 3

Well I'm sure you can see some sort of pattern emerging here... Peggy's.. Bea's.. Peggy's Bea's.

Well last weekend my third visit to the Peggy Porschen Cake Parlour happened. This time I took a friend, who has also since fallen in love with this quaint 'parlour'.

This picture speaks for itself, What a fantastic idea cupcakes and champagne! Pink Champagne at that!!!!

I wasn't quite sure two pictures would warrant an entire post, but I decided I needed to share this. If you get the chance to pop into Peggy Porschen, I can only recommend you do. It's very close to Victoria Coach station, so perfect location to pop into on your way past.

Here's my 'Chocolate Heaven' Cupcake, it was a 'Great Taste Award' in 2011 and you can really see why. The icing was so smooth and chocolately, if a little dislodged from it's cake. But nevermind it tasted great!!!!

So that emerging pattern.. I think I really need to explore a little further, and try some different cupcake establishments. I can reassure you this will be happening very soon!! But I also think I'll have to go back and indulge in the champagne & cupcakes.

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