Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Choosing outside of the box.

So last weekend took me to Bristol, where a friend and I visited Valerie Patisserie. 

Once again, baffled by rows of cakes and (this time) patisseries, I decided to go for something a little outside of the box. The Raspberry Tart.  

Or Tarte aux Framboises, I should say.
Well, here's the description from the website... "A rich butter pastry tart with melted dark chocolate coating. Fresh Raspberrys on a plain vanilla sponge along with whipped cream and custard finished off with a strawberry jel".

(I'm not entirely sure about the dark chocolate coating)...! I didn't find anything chocolately in there,  but I guess the recipe may vary!!

Raspberries are one of my favourite fruit, and this definitely lived up to my expectations. The raspberries was tangy (just how I like them), and the tart itself it was lovely. The custard was very yummy, my only disappointment was probably with myself, as I doubt the 'strawberry jel' is vegetarian, infact I'm pretty sure it's 100% gelatine. *blushes* I'm not a strict vegetarian(!)

There was no afternoon tea available!!! My intial choice naturally as it was 3.30pm or so) instead I opted for the Earl Grey. I really do need to be a little more adventurous with my teas!!

I love this unusual tea pot, which reminds me of a Japanese decadence. Well there we have it an excuse to go shopping.. or travelling!!!



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