Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baking Session...

This is my first baking post, I've not had an awful lot of time of late to be faffing around in the kitchen, as some people put it. But I do love to bake. So..

At the weekend I treated myself to some new baking items. Ready for the coming weeks of cooking! Yes.. that's a pink spatula you see. Yes they did have purple.. but I chose pink :-) As well as brightening up the kitchen, and my bursting cooking cupboard, these items will come into great use. You've got to love Lakeland!


Let's get baking...
I also acquired a lovely Brownie recipe from my friend, who I visited last Saturday. She's a great cook, and when I arrived I was met with tea and brownie. What more could I ask for...

Oh, of course...

The final product is a lovely brownie, almost melt in the mouth. With that lovely crunchy bit on top. To be enjoyed with a cup of tea, or in a bowl with ice cream!


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